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Savvy Designs has become my place to be creative and use my knowledge and life experiences to good use. As a former pageant titleholder and marketing major I understand the importance of a first impression, let me help you make the right one. 


Whether looking for your ad page to have that extra something, autograph cards to give to your new pageant bestie, custom illustration to hang on your wall, or a logo for your business or personal platform I hope to work together to create something you'll love! 

Get to Know Me Better

The way to my heart is a fresh cup of coffee, puppy videos, and anything peanut butter! I am engaged to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Matt. I have the cutest yellow lab named Thor who loves to play ball, lay in mud puddles and follow Matt around like a shadow. 

I enjoy trying new things, whether that be learning how to golf, ride snowmobile, or travel the world. Kenya is unbelievably amazing! Check out a video I made from that trip here

Me matt Thor.jpg

Things I Love

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